Special Recycling Program

Hefty ReNew Program

Special Recycling Program

Hefty ReNew Bag Program

The Dearborn County Recycling Center is now accepting Hefty ReNew Bags

A Recycling Program For Hard To Recycle Items

This program collects plastics that can't be recycled traditionally, and turns them into valued resources. The Hefty ReNew Program complements your existing recycling routine in Dearborn County.

How the Program Works

What goes in the Hefty ReNew orange bag?

Kitchen & Pantry

Chip bags, dry mix liners (cake, powder, cereal, and cookies), candy wrappers, granola wrappers, foam egg cartons, salad and cheese bags, fresh or frozen vegetable and fruit bags.

No foil lined bags.

Storage & Cleaning

Food storage bags, plastic wraps on paper towels and toilet paper, dry/wet disposable cleaning cloths, and plastic grocery bags.

Office & Shipping

Bubble wrap, pillow packs, foam peanuts, foam block packaging, and clear plastic overwrap.

Dining & Eating

Foam to go boxes, foam cups, foam plates, foam bowls, plastic straws/stirrers, plastic utensils, plastic plates and bowls.

If you are still not sure if something can be put in the bag, we are happy to answer questions. See the Contact Us page for convenient ways to reach the Recycling Center.
Click here for Trailer Pick-Up Schedule
AURORA The Heart House 6815 US 50 M
AURORA Aurora Recreation Community Center at 404 Green Blvd.
**Additional Cardboard Collection Container**
M, F
BRIGHT Bright Elementary School 22593 Stateline Rd M, Th
BRIGHT Bright Meadows Park 2095 Einsel Rd
**Additional Cardboard Collection Container**
M, W, F
DILLSBORO Behind the Fire Dept between Front St. & Western Row M, F
GREENDALE Behind Greendale Park Rand St. Th
LAWRENCEBURG County Fairgrounds US 50
**Additional Cardboard Collection Container**
M, Th
MANCHESTER Manchester Ballfields intersection of St. Route 48 & County Farm Rd Tu, Th
MOORES HILL The intersection of Manchester St. & College St. T, F
NEW ALSACE American Legion Post 452 25329 Legion Rd Tu, F
N DEARBORN Lot on Sawdon Ridge Rd 5678 N. Dearborn Rd
**Additional Cardboard Collection Container**
ST. LEON St. Leon Fire Department 28870 St. Joe Dr.
**Additional Cardboard Collection Container**
STATE RT 1 Tanner Valley UM Church 19235 St Rt 1 Tu
YORKVILLE Widolff’s General Store 7981 Yorkridge Rd Th

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