Cigarette Butt Receptacles


The Dearborn County Recycling Center offers outdoor cigarette butt receptacles for purchase at half price. The cost of each (fully assembled) receptacle is $25. Choose from green, gray, or black.

Dearborn County residents and businesses are encouraged to participate.

Receptacles are available for purchase in the Drive-Thru Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm, Wednesday 9am-6pm. Quantities are limited. The Recycling Center is able to accept cash and checks (made out to “Dearborn County Recycling Center”).

Please call 812-926-9963 with any questions.

Rubber Mulch

1.5 cubic feet per bag

$15 per bag

Nearly 100% recycled rubber tires
(including tires from Dearborn County)

Long lasting and low maintenance

10-year warranty when used in landscaping applications

8-year warranty when used in playground applications

Will not rot, mold or mildew

Inhibits insects and rodents

Controls weed growth


Natural wood look

Available in 3 colors: Brown, Redwood, and Silver

Please call ahead, especially for large quantities.

Mulch may be purchased Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm, Wednesday 9am to 6pm in the Recycling Center Drive-Thru. Cash or check accepted.

Other Resources for Recycled Content Products

There are many retailers and specialty stores as well as individuals and artisans who make/sell reused and recycled content items. These are some of our favorites: