Recycling is easier than ever in Dearborn County.

14 drop-off locations open 24/7

See the recycling locations listed below to find the one nearest to you.

Recyclables must be sorted by type and be loose when placed in trailers.

If you are still not sure if something can be put in the trailer, we are happy to answer questions. See the Contact Us page for convenient ways to reach the Recycling Center.

Rumpke Recycling Containers

There are Rumpke Recycling containers at the New Alsace and St. Leon drop-off locations. All acceptable materials (listed above) can be placed together in the containers. There is no need to sort. Materials must be loose (no bags).

Do you want to know what happens to recyclables that you put in the Rumpke Recycling containers? Check out this video of the Rumpke Materials Recovery Facility in Cincinnati.

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